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About AdvancedRFA

Advanced RF Analytics is a global company on the leading edge of technology for Wireless Networking and Managed Services. We provide innovative industry specific solutions and ongoing service and support to our customers through our established partnerships with leading technology vendors.

Applying an evolving consultative process, our highly skilled Professional Services and Client Engagement teams deliver a tailored customer experience.   

We bring actionable intelligence to wireless network operators through a comprehensive suite of analytic's. The metrics collected are used to derive business intelligence from historical and real-time data; convert customers into loyal promoters via integration of social channels and customized WiFi captive portals; optimize marketing strategies and business operations; and in turn, increase brand equity and revenue.  

Our SocialWiFi solutions are cloud-based, secure WiFi HotSpot systems, authenticating through various Social Media platforms. This Software
as a Service (SaaS) brings enhanced social reach and advanced analytic's and reporting to a wide range of customers within the Retail, Leisure and Hospitality industries; enabling network operators to integrate their existing Social Media marketing strategy across thousands of distributed locations to interact with customers in real-time. 

We provide RF Planning & Testing, Indoor and Outdoor Wireless Networking Solutions, Antenna Systems, Mobile Device Connection Management, BYOD Secure On-boarding, Content Filtering, Compliance Reporting and industry leading Wireless Security to both the Public and Private sectors. 

Through our Public & Private Cloud and Self Hosted delivery models, we are able to accommodate every budget and business model. 

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